Friday, June 27, 2008

Please allow me to introduce myself...

Hello, kittens!
"Hello, Alex!", the kittens meowed impatiently.
Now it's the right time to start my blog. I do have to admit the *pressures* that finally made me take this step :) And it's also easier when you find yourself newly unemployed.

1. I'm a ranking freak. I'm also an Oscar freak. And these two go together well. I'm gonna make this blog my archive, just by moving personalized film info from my computer to my blog.

2. mostly Oscary things; also comments on tv series & reality shows I watch. And some personal sh!t, like photos and such. But mostly Oscar.

3. I hope I'll use it as a CV for some job. Not yet sure which job.
4. Stinkylulu's blog (more on this later)
oh, and p.s.: English is not my first languge, so don't kill me if I make a mistake once in a while.

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