Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An odd pairing of recommendations:
Cranford and Let the Right One In


This miniseries didn’t get its moment of fame because John Adams swept all the awards. I dare to say that CRANFORD WAS BETTER. In what way? In the way of making me feel better & really enjoying what I was seeing.
Cranford is an excellent tv drama in 5 parts for those who LOVE period pieces: adaptations of Jane Austen stuff, excessive Bronte, anything with costumes, good manners & all that British charm. Plus: it has JUDI DENCH [hearts hearts] as a leading actress and it’s an unusual role for her: so kind and delicate!
Plus, at moments it’s funny as hell. The subject is its tagline itself: "One town. One extraordinary year."

So, if you think you’d be a fan, see it!

Let the Right One In

For now and for me, it’s the best film of 2008! I still need to see a couple, but none will defeat it for the title! It should be a vampire horror film, but it’s really beyond any genre: love story, fantasy, drama, art movie, etc etc.

I’ll write more about it in March or April, when I’ll do my Tops for 2008 (film, director, acting…).

If you have a fine taste, see it.

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