Sunday, August 02, 2009

Best Actress 1957

It's true, the 50s had the best shot at being the next decade picked-up. 1957 is a rather... eccentric choice as I have to admit that at the time of the lottery I had only seen 1 (!!!) of the 5 nominated performances; that's Lana Turner in Peyton Place. I love that each of the 5 actresses has a distinctive fame; they're all well-known: one was a blonde sex symbol, one was a serious Oscar-winning Italian actress, one was a frigid-looking British sensation, one that would marry Paul Newman and do less glamorous projects and a child-star grown up that would become an icon of the 20th century.

I give you the 5 ladies that Oscar had chosen for 1957:

from left to right, I have the pleasure to introduce:

  • Lana Turner, in Peyton Place
  • Anna Magnani, in Wild Is the Wind
  • Joanne Woodward, in The Three Faces of Eve
  • Elizabeth Taylor, in Raintree County
  • Deborah Kerr, in Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

Joanne will be first.


Los Genios Locos said...

I've just discovered your blog, almost by accident... But what a happy accident! This is wonderful! All the analysis that you do are just great and very interesting to read. Keep up the good work!

Alex in Movieland said...

Gracias :)

anahita said...

lord, I've seen none of these!! *is ashamed* I'm gonna go with elizabeth taylor though...just because :D

and what you said on my blog about dorian gray - I'm not saying he'll be any good (need to watch the film first obviously) but ben barnes is freakin' gorgeous. I don't think the problem lies in that department :P xx

Alex in Movieland said...

hmmm, I wasn't impressed by him. I think the role required a more... exotic touch, not like the "ordinary" beautiful, but still gorgeous.

Tom said...

I have not seen any of these movies yet, but need to. I hope you do a recap of all Best Actress nominees - please do! You're on a roll here!

Alex in Movieland said...

Of course I will. :) But I still have 2 performances left.

Tom, thanks for visiting