Monday, September 07, 2009

A personal message

Hello, fellow bloggers and readers! I have a bit of news. Not really that important, but it might justify my laziness for a while. I have relocated to Athens, Greece (from Bucharest, Romania) because I've found some kind of a job here. I've just flown today, after having only 4 days to gather it all up.
I might be staying a week (who knows), but I hope it's gonna be the full 4-5 months and that it works out for me. Whatever happens, it was a nice flight and I hope I'll get to see a bit of the city this weekend.
Soooooooo... getting to the blog: I might not post THAT often (at least for the first week), but I still have 2 profiles from 1957 and then a new category... I have all the movies I need on my laptop and internet access and I'm so happy to participate in Stinkylulu's Supp Actress Smackdown, so there's no way I'm quitting. Just going a bit slower. :)
The next posting soon.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

This is great news. I know how bummed you were about your lack of job. So good...sad about the posting though.

Alex in Movieland said...

Thank you, and yes you had great intuition :)

but I will continue posting as soon as I really settle. And I have some interesting years prepared for the rest of 2009.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Best of luck in Athens, Alex.

Gonna miss the posts but settling down and being able to do stuff is much better for you.


Alex in Movieland said...

thanks for the wishes! :)

I do hope I'll get to finish seeing Wild Is the Wind this week and probably post in a couple of days. so I'm not quitting the blog, also because I have no certain idea how long I'm staying here, if it's gonna be the full 4-5 months.

thank God I'm in Athens, because the have lots of tourists and English explanation written almost everywhere. The fact that it's a totally different alphabet (and I can't recognize one single letter) was expected but still disturbing.

Tom said...


Alex in Movieland said...


though secretly I kinda miss Bucharest. a lot :)