Sunday, January 15, 2012

Golden Globe predictions...

Less than 12 hours till the big ceremony. And here are my predictions; I've also included the ones for TV, even though they are wild guesses, as I hardly watch anything these days.

Best Motion Picture - Drama

Prediction: The Help

Alternative: Hugo

Best Motion Picture - Comedy/Musical

Prediction: The Artist

Alternative: Midnight in Paris

Best Actor - Drama

Prediction: George Clooney - The Descendants

Alternative: Brad Pitt - Moneyball

Best Actor - Comedy/Musical

Prediction: Jean Dujardin - The Artist

Alternative: Owen Wilson - Midnight in Paris

Best Actress - Drama

Prediction: Viola Davis - The Help

Alternative: Meryl Streep - The Iron Lady

Best Actress - Comedy/Musical

Prediction: Michelle Williams - My Week with Marilyn

Alternative: Kristen Wiig - Bridesmaids

Best Supporting Actor

Prediction: Christopher Plummer - Beginners

Alternative: Albert Brooks - Drive

Best Supporting Actress

Prediction: Octavia Spencer - The Help

Alternative: Berenice Bejo - The Artist

Best Director

Prediction: Michel Hazanavicius - The Artist

Alternative: Martin Scorsese - Hugo

Best Screenplay

Prediction: The Descendants

Alternative: Moneyball

Best Original Song

Prediction: The Help

Alternative: Gnomeo & Juliet

Best Original Score

Prediction: The Artist

Alternative: War Horse

Best Animated Film

Prediction: Rango

Alternative: The Adventures of Tintin

Best Foreign Language Film

Prediction: A Separation

Alternative: In the Land of Blood and Honey

and now for the TV categories...

Best TV Series - Drama

Prediction: Homeland

Alternative: Game of Thrones

Best TV Series - Comedy/Musical

Prediction: Modern Family

Alternative: New Girl

Best TV Movie

Prediction: Downton Abbey

Alternative: Mildred Pierce

Best Actor in a TV Series - Drama

Prediction: Kelsey Grammer - Boss

Alternative: Damian Lewis - Homeland

Best Actor in a TV Series - Comedy/Musical

Prediction: Matt LeBlanc - Episodes

Alternative: Johnny Galecki - The Big Bang Theory

Best Actor in a TV Movie

Prediction: William Hurt - Too Big to Fail

Alternative: Dominic West - The Hour

Best Actress in a TV Series - Drama

Prediction: Claire Danes - Homeland

Alternative: Julianna Margulies - The Good Wife

Best Actress in a TV Series - Comedy/Musical

Prediction: Zooey Deschanel - New Girl

Alternative: Amy Poehler - Parks and Recreation

Best Actress in a TV Movie

Prediction: Kate Winslet - Mildred Pierce

Alternative: Romola Garai - The Hour

Best Actor in a Supporting Role in a TV Series or Movie

Prediction: Peter Dinklage - Game of Thrones

Alternative: Guy Pearce - Mildred Pierce

Best Actress in a Supporting Role in a TV Series or Movie

Prediction: Jessica Lange - American Horror Story

Alternative: Maggie Smith - Downton Abbey

Anything too crazy? :)


Anonymous said...

Smith will win over Lange me thinks. Williams will win, but spoiler would be Theron. I think Hugo or Descendents for drama. Pitt over Clooney. And Streep or Davis...hard to tell.

dinasztie said...

I don't believe in The Help, it doesn't have a directing nod. It has so many nods because of the acting (they would have come anyway) and it got Picture because of its being a commercial success. I'm feeling a Hugo win. But definitely NOT The Descendants.

Also, I kind of feel that Kirsten could upset, but nooooo way she can't. OK, withdrawn.

I want Meryl to win, damn it!!! But she just has to win SAG. They say Viola will win there because of the screeners but come on 80% of SAG are unemplyed actors (=ordinary people) who vote for stars. They are watching TV and don't read awardsdaily or goldderby on a daily basis. And if Ellen and Jimmy Kimmel say Meryl definitely will and should win more than what punditswin, it's damn right they vote for her.

Best Actor: People make it out to be Pitt vs Clooney but it might be the 2007 Best Actress scenario with Clooney as Christie and Dujardin as Cotillard.

Supporting Actress: No clue. I'm thinking of what you said about overthinking this category. Simple. Octavia.

TELEVISION: I love Magnificent Maggie to death but Jessica should take it in a cakewalk. Maggie just reprised her not-so-difficult role from Gosford Park.

+ Claire Danes <3 and Homeland FTW! Plus I REALLY want Episodes and Matt Le Blanc to win. Great series.

Alex in Movieland said...

I don't see that many people talking about Young Adult... that film might be dead awardswise. Bridesmaids is popular, that's why I have Wiig as runner-up. but Michelle wins for sure.

I get the directing nod argument. BUT: how can I predict 3 (!) wins for The Help and not also go for Best Picture?! I think Hugo will win ONLY if Scorsese wins too.

Yeah, I think they'd rather give the award to Jessica Lange, who's gonna attend than to Maggie Smith who isn't flying in to see them. :) that's my logic.

TV Comedy Actor is a big mystery for me. I don't think Alec or Duchovny because they've won years ago and their shows not that popular anymore. Hung is dead. So it's LeBlanc (who's never won) or Galecki.