Sunday, July 13, 2008

What's the big idea?

Well, I actually have a couple of ideas:

  • write about movies I see (so hard with so many tv shows going on right now :P )
  • Oscar Oscar Oscar - predictions for 2009.
  • Oscar O... O... - really take on my movie archive. To tackle with different Oscar categories from different decades.
  • not to be a lazy ass and really do some of the things written above.

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Adam said...

Ahhh, you're an Oscar ranker. How far back are you going?

Alex in Movieland said...

Well, it depends on what movies I can find. I am able to do Best Actress for 1965 or 1962 or 1966 for example. Or even 1954. Oh, and also 1948 I think, 1953... There are some options. :) and many other years from the 70s on.

I think I'm going for 2000 next. Just because I really want to see Chocolat again :)

Adam said...

Some of those Actress nominees are so impossible to track down... Travels with My Aunt, Diary of a Mad Housewife, Marriage Italian Style... It's daunting.

I'll keep tabs on your blog. It's always fun to find people doing this same sort of project. If you ever want to trade thoughts on categories or anything, my e-mail is

Alex in Movieland said...

well, then, why don't we link our blogs? [it's sleepy time in my country, so I'll do that in the morning].

actually, I have seen Travels with my Aunt, it's not diffucult to download it here. I haven't really madly searched for the other 2.

regarding Best Actress, my biggest problems are (from recent to old):
- Tom & Viv (1994) - and I'm really really sad I can't find this one.
- For the Boys
- Crimes of the Heart
- Country (1984)
- Only When I Laugh
- Resurrection (1980)
- Gloria (1980)
- Starting Over
- Cousin, cousine (1976)
- Hedda (1975)
- Hester Street (1975)
- Claudine (1974)
and so on :)

Adam said...

I saw all of those except Claudine on VHS I got from eBay, a video store, or library. Claudine and Hester Street, among others, are on DVD. Don't rush. The only worthwhile performance of that whole bunch is Glenda Jackson in Hedda and even that's not that great.

Consider yourself linked, too.