Sunday, February 28, 2010

Get to know the Supporting Actresses

Thank you, Brian, for letting my participate in another fabulous Supporting Actress Smackdown! Out of the 5 nominees for 2009, only 1 - the brilliant Mo'Nique - made it into my Top 10 for this category (My Favorites for 2010 will arrive in a month or so). The other 4 gave mediocre to good performances, none that I really hate.

So please click on STINKYLULU to read my take and our verdict on this year's Best Supporting Actress Oscar category!


Jude said...

I'm such a broken record going on each blog saying this, but ANNA KENDRICK is the best in my opinion! Maybe this will be the last time I comment on another blog with a pro-Anna Kendrick post! Probably not, but maybe.. hahaha.

Michael Parsons said...

Mo'Nique gave, by far the most complex performance.

And I agree that the other 4 woman were good, but not a patch on Mo'Nique. Doubt they would be in my top 5 either.

stingo said...

Anna Kendrick is boring as fuck in that boring film of hers. Vera Farmiga is much better.

But Mo'Nique is obviously the best one in this category, hands down.

PS: I told you, you should change the name of your otherwise excellent blog - you are not talking about movies, but about actresses. You could call it Alex in Actressland :-)

Alex in Movieland said...

Sorry, I can't change it. :) It's already a brand, just like alex_wilde. :P

plus, I like it this way