Friday, August 27, 2010

Gosford Park, Howards End...

No, I haven't seen them again, but it's my moral obligation / pleasure to indicate some writing that Andrew (Encore's World of Film & TV) did on these two film, which are some of his alltime favorites. He's actually doing a countdown and I congratulate him for such a brave idea.

I was happy to contribute with some short writings on these two film and it so happens that I wrote some of the best paragraphs I ever did - which surprises me, but I must blame the films for being so inspiring.

Gosford Park

what I wrote:

It is by far my favourite Robert Altman! Even that says enough; and what could be more interesting than seeing the flawless product of a director at the height of his career? Nobody else could have directed this: the casting is great and the acting beyond words, probably Helen Mirren’s best performance. Gosford Park gathers comedy and mystery and drama and romance and wraps it all up in that touch of arrogance and glamour that just makes me wanna ask for more.

Click HERE to see Andrew's take on it.

Howards End

what I wrote:
There is something peaceful and quiet about Howards End, starting with Vanessa’s haunting walk and introduction. To me, it feels like the essence of the British countryside, of elegance and that high class feeling that Brits always put in their period films. Howards End is, to me, James Ivory’s greatest achievement, such a delicate film, but with such power of acting and fascinating plot.

Click HERE to see Andrew's take on it.


joe burns said...

Is Gosford Park your 2001 Best Picture pick?

Alex in Movieland said...

no, but it's terribly close.

that is a competition between LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring and Mulholland Drive. Both have been in my Top 10 ever for years now. and they'd probably make a 20 today. I think Lord has the edge.

Jose said...

Nice writing. I have only seen "Gosford Park" once, makes me want to revisit it soon.

Michael Parsons said...

Wonderful film. It is one of those films that I constantly put on because I always notice something new. Emily Watson was amazing in that film!