Sunday, February 27, 2011

I was planning on writing the Best Actress 2010 conclusions before the actual ceremony, but then I thought: what's the rush?

Guys, I hope you'll all have a nice Oscar evening, I'll probably be watching it live (yes, on Europe time, I'll wake up at 2-2:30 am), and before that I hope I will enjoy Another Year.

Have fun!


dinasztie said...

OMG, here it in Hungary the show starts at 2:30. I won't watch the red carpet, I'm gonna sleep then and I wake up as soon as humanly possible for me.

Runs Like A Gay said...

You're mad! (Not quite Portman levels mind)

Hope the shows worth getting up for.

Alex in Movieland said...

well, I've announced that I'm gonna work from home tomorrow.

I haven't seen them live in like... maybe 2 years.
what I did (and could've also done this year) was to sleep in, then completely ignore any info site the next day, download the ceremony by Monday evening and watch them like if they were live.

But I'm trying for live, just like I also did with the Globes this year (also woke up at 2 something and they were so boring :D ).

Anonymous said...

I honestly reckon I have been put off for good with todays Oscars, I cannot believe how bad and boring it was. The awkward hosting by Hathaway/Franco was cringeworthy, they tried so hard (well Hathaway did) and failed. When they brought Billy Crystal out, people were actually laughing.

Also so not happy with some of those decision, I can stomach TKS winning BP, but for both an amazing job in TSN and overdue factor, David Fincher deserved best director...

Brad M.

Alex in Movieland said...

yes, Brad, I agree. It was ridiculously strange when Billy Crystal came out. [my thoughts on everything on the other post]
what were the writers of the show thinking?!

I wanted Nolan to be nominated, but David Fincher to lose in front of Tom Hooper is ridiculous. all 4 nominees were clearly more deserving. I would've been less surprised had The King's Speech won 10 Oscars than winning Director in front of Fincher.