Sunday, February 27, 2011

The most f*cked-up Oscar show in recent history! :)

I just woke up from a 3 hour sleep after watching the Oscars live. I didn't plan on doing this post, but here it is. I think it was the weirdest show in recent history, it bombed, let's be honest :D The weirdest moment:

  • the lack of any good writing for the 2 presenters. It was sad, nobody was laughing in their introduction. It sucked.
  • James Franco was bored out of his mind, he couldn't even keep his eyes open.
  • the montages sucked.
  • the Gone with the Wind moment was completely unjustified.
  • the directing of the show was sloppy.
  • the sound quality was quite bad (you couldn't even hear Randy Newman sing).
  • taking Sorkin off-stage with very loud music. Unimaginable and rude.
  • the Kirk Douglas moment - WTF. Did they just look for the oldest living actor?!
  • I've been saying it for 2 years: she's a great actress, but Melissa Leo is so fake and annoying offscreen. Why am I the only one who can see that???!!!
  • Melissa Leo dropping the f-bomb.
  • the cheesy, tacky ending of the show, with ugly kids singing Somewhere over the rainbow. SERIOUSLY, OSCAR???? I just couldn't watch.
  • the most annoying win: Tom Hooper. He seems to be a nice guy, but it's unimaginable for him to win with that competition.

That's it :) I've said what I had to say, for the record.


dinasztie said...

Melissa Leo is the shame of the Oscars. She was pathetic.

Nathanael Hood said...

I can't believe that Hooper won...he's only made 3 films! Granted...they were great...but he had no business winning over industry work-horses like Aronofsky and Fincher (seriously...what does he have to do to win an Oscar!?).

But other than that...I agreed with most of the winners....with the exception of Melissa Leo (I don't care if she was young...Steinfeld EARNED that award).

But what the hell was up with Franco? The guy looked stoned! You could tell that Hathaway was giving it the old college try...but Franco was miles away.

And don't get me started on the auto-tune atrocity....

Alex in Movieland said...

yes, I know.
she was my 2nd choice out of the 5, but I'm sure any of the other 4 women would've known how to be graceful and wonderful and funny.

you could tell (especially at the Globes) that even Melissa's co-stars look at her like the crazy aunt or something.

between her talking nonsense, the F word, her trying to cry on stage and failing, faking all emotion, taking Kirk Douglas' cane - WTF?! :) ridiculous.

Alex in Movieland said...

oh, yes, Franco... strange case. because I saw the interview 20 minutes before the show started and he seemed to be perfectly fine. maybe "the stuff" hadn't settled in by then :)

Brandon said...

Alex, you brought up a little thing I forgot; Leo walking with cane - what the hell was that? Talk about ignorant. A bad winner indeed

dinasztie said...

Yes, taking away Douglas' cane was a huge WTF moment. And SHE got the award of Jacki Weaver. I can't believe it.

Allen said...

Yeah, Hooper's win was a major WTFOHGODWHYWHATISWRONGWITHTHEWORLD moment for me.

But honestly, I love Melissa Leo. I stand by the woman regardless of her speeches/behavior. I will unjustly hate a person for winning for an undeserving performance but otherwise, any factors outside the performance itself doesn't affect me. Obviously I'm in love with Leo's Alice Ward. -__-

Castor said...

Agreed, this was terrible. Franco obviously didn't want to be there. Hathaway looked freaking drunk. Melissa Leo was so fake and rehearsed someone should take her Oscar away right now!

... but I did find that autotune montage hilarious. Sad night I guess ;)

stingo said...

Hans Zimmer was robbed!!! *calls 911*

Alex in Movieland said...

Hello, B! :)

thanks for stopping by.
Yes, I've been praising Hans Zimmer's brilliant work for months now, but it probably wasn't even the runner-up for the win.

I really thought Alexandre Desplat will get this for King's Speech, an original score I find interesting and right for the film.

Runs Like A Gay said...

The ceremony sounds like such a train crash that I'm reallt sorry I missed it.

Maybe it would have been improved if Denzel Washington ad Chrs Pine broke in half wy through and stopped it.