Saturday, August 06, 2011

Andrew is celebrating the television shows of the past season, and he has prepared a blogathon. This post is my contribution. And the question asked was rather simple: what episode from the past season of any current show do I feel like writing about. Considering I’ve stopped watching so many shows because of the limited free-time, I immediately went for 30 Rock.

30 Rock is the only sitcom I still watch regularly and I’ll write something about my favorite episode of the part season, called: Everything Sunny All the Time Always (Season 3, Episode 21).

The plot:
When Avery is kidnapped while on assignment in North Korea, Jack turns to an old girlfriend to get her released. Meanwhile, Tracy makes the entourage recreate an inside joke, and Liz wages war on a plastic bag in a tree outside her window.

Thoughts on the episode:

  • The storyline with Tracy is clearly to be ignored. The ones that got my interest are Liz’s attempt to take control over her life and especially the interaction between Jack & Avery.

  • The screenplay is very funny, probably the best of the season, next to Double-Edged Sword. I always love Jack & Avery and their Republican jokes, and this episode delivers a lot of incredibly funny one-liners.

  • Condoleeza Rice is a brave woman for accepting to Guest-Star as herself. She was good.

  • And the whole North Korea thing is hilarious, especially the inspired, mocking way to portray dictator Kim-Jong Il. :)) They often cut to the character, and the lines are outrageous. The music, the direction – they’re all perfect. Just look at how funny this clip is:

  • It’s funny how once in a while there’s an episode to remind us how hilarious 30 Rock can be, and how damn creative. I hope they keep Elizabeth Banks around, she’s fantastic as Avery. And that line with the North Korean Emmy – priceless :))

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Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Why, why oh WHY didn't Alec Baldwin submit this for Emmy consideration? This is actually my favourite 30 Rock episode of the past season (although my love for the show has definitely waned). There were a number of things that were great, but really that scene with Condoleeza was genius.

"Get out of here before it gets weird."

Alex in Movieland said...

yes, Baldwin was very good in this. :) But I have a feeling he's not really motivated to win anymore, and it's gotten to the point it's making him embarassed (see 5th consecutive SAG win) :)