Sunday, December 18, 2011

I know it looks like I've been lazy, but I'm still here. Best Actress 1931 WILL continue, but I also need to catch up with a lot of 2011 films.

Anyway, still a month or so till Best Actress 2011 line-up is announced and by that time I'll have finished BA 1931, did my 100th anniversary, updated predictions and so on.

I'm still here.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

This is the time of year when all those deadlines start catching up with us.

Alex in Movieland said...

well, yes, every year I promise myself I won't leave all the films from one year for winter & next spring, that I'll see them gradually, all year long.

every year I fail. So even for now I have like 40 films to see. :D gonna be a looooooong season for me.