Saturday, January 30, 2010

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Superficial. Rushed. Lack of emotion. Too much singing. Songs not blending. Rob Marshall is not Robert Altman. Sophia Loren's lost it. Fergie knows shit, but sings great. Penelope was counting her steps. Messy cinematography.

Marion deserved better. Underused Nicole. Delicious Judi. Daniel = wrong casting. Rob Marshall screws Kate Hudson. Bad directing choices. Maximum 3-4 nominations.

Nobody whispered when Penelope did A Call from the Vatican.
Saraghina needed to be fat & funny.


Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Too much singing? Really???????? I was at least hoping you'd like this, because I know I will when I see it, oh well. Why do you think Saraghina should be fat & funny, she was neither in the recent Broadway revival.

Nigel said...

I was surprised Nicole isn't getting any mentiongiven her experience (Moulin Rouge).

But then your claim that she was "under-used" clarified things.

I will watch this anyway lol. I'm excited for that Hudson number. Cinema Italiano!

joe burns said...

Oh, I loved Cruz! But maybe a nomination would be too much. I'm not sure.

joe burns said...

And this is off-topic, but I think I'm leaning more towards Anne Hathaway for the win last year. Her performance really blew me away and I really liked Leo too. I watched some scenes of The Reader recently and Kate seemed a little less impressive then the first time I saw her.

Alex in Movieland said...

Well, when I think of Saraghina, I go back to 8 1/2 which I didn't really like, saw it last month.
And the Saraghina dance was the best thing of 8 1/2 because it was funny, artistic, perfectly cast.

Nigel, Rob Marshall killed Hudson. In the film he uses a HORRIBLE version of Cinema Italiano instead of the genius one that first appeared on Youtube. I just didn't get it.

Joe, Anne's performance really is one that gets better in time. I agree.

Nigel Maruva Chikukwa said...

So, I just saw this Alex.

Cotillard was amazing. Her musical rendition of the "woman-scorned" will forever be close to my heart.

Fergi, Hudson----Their electrifying energy was hard to over-look.

Cruz---Fine, she messed up her numbers. But the performance was still good. I believed her interpretation of the fatally-attracted mistress----She perfectly projected Carla's sexual craze and fragility.

The rest, I hated. I'm ok with its Best Picture snub now.