Saturday, July 31, 2010

"seriously, Oscar..." OR Inception short talk

You know how rarely I do this on this blog: talk about movies I've just seen. And how about Inception? Just got back from it. It's not Christopher Nolan's best piece and probably not the masterpiece people are shouting (no.3 on imdb? No shit, other voters beside me.), but still a wonderful cinema experience. Needs to be seen in the theatre only, the DVD won't do justice.

Seriously, Oscar... what does Nolan have to do to FINALLY get a nomination for Best Director? The people who've seen this, The Dark Knight, Prestige, Memento surely know there's nothing this guy could not direct... I really hope he makes the list this time after continuous snubbing!!!

Give me a Best Supporting Actress campaign, or I'll blow your brains out

And wasn't Marion (my darling) great? :D definitely the best performance of the film. What a great group of actors! In a fair world, it would probably win Visual Effects, Cinematography (just like this guy deserved to win for 2008. and for 2006...), Editing, maybe even Direction. It has its flaws, but still feels like a great achievement.


joe burns said...

I've heard a lot of things about it, but I haven't seen it yet.

Didn't know Marion was in it!

Mike Lippert said...

Just like if Scorsese didn't win for Goodfellas or Raging Bull he shouldn't have won for The Departed, if Nolan didn't get the nom for Dark Knight he shouldn't get it for this, which, as you say, not his best work.

Malcolm said...

Do you think Cotillard and DiCaprio could get the needed hype for acting nominations?

And Inception was released so early that it might lose its steam for the BP race. What do you think?

Simon said...

Once again, an excellent supporting performance of her's that'll be ignored.

Also, Tom Hardy.

Alex in Movieland said...

yes she is and with a very key role.

but what happens if Nolan's direction is the best of 2010? we will need to see the nominees and judge in the context of the year. :)

I am not seeing any acting nominations. Maybe a Best Ensemble nom at the SAGs. With 10 nominations for BP, I really think / hope it will make it. The release date is not the thing (Hurt Locker was released in June). I guess it just needs fans and a bit of help from the critics at the end of the year.
I would find it troubling if Toy Story 3 is a lock and Inception is not.

oh Tom Hardy [heart heart heart]
If you go down to what I've posted 1-2 months ago you'll find my Awards for 2009 and Tom Hardy made top 5 with his performance in BRONSON...

Anonymous said...

I thought Marion was annoying and unbelievable as a femme fetale. Her scene at the hotel room with Ellen Page and Leonardo DiCaprio was almost laughable, especially the elevator scene. Cillian Murphy and Ellen Page blew her out of the water. Nolan's direction is the definite stand out, though. Even better than the special effects.

Alex in Movieland said...

Ellen Page looked the most out of her place and I agree with many who say her casting was kind of wtf. I know Nolan wanted Evan Rachel Wood...

in that scene, Marion looks like a seductive woman (gorgeous and talented) ready to get what she wants, while Ellen Page next to her looked like a 12 year old midget out of water :)

not that i am getting defenseful or anything...

I do agree Cillian Murphy was great in a short but emotionally consistent role.

Danny King said...

I think Evan Rachel Wood would have been really interesting in the role, although I didn't have any problems with Page. For more or less, I think they would have played it similarly.

My favorite supporting turn was Murphy, although the acting was spot-on across the board.

Runs Like A Gay said...

I think it's a nice performance from Cotillard, but not enough depth for an Oscar nod (not her fault - blame the writing).

That said I'd like some love for the costume designer. Everything Cotillard wears is gorgeous.

Alex in Movieland said...

I totally agree on the costumes! Definitely worth a Costume Designers Guild - Contemporary nomination.

but on the other hand I don't understand this guild. Last year, in the Contemporary category they awarded Crazy Heart I think. Like WTF?!