Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Getting ready for the NBR - the predictions...

(is Colin preparing his acceptance speech? Helena looks worried; she knows she's winning sh!t this season, but it's still nice to get nominated I guess)

The National Board of Review, one of the most prestigious groups of critics are announcing tomorrow. They have an impressive history and, while they are not really predicting the Oscars, they are the first big ones to announce (no, the Indie Spirit is no good here imo).

As usual, I’ll probably fail :) but it’s still fun trying:

Best Film: The King’s Speech (back-up: 127 Hours or The Fighter)

Best Director: David Fincher, The Social Network (back-up: Boyle, The Coens)

Best Actor: Javier Bardem, Biutiful (back-up: Duvall, Firth)

Best Actress: Lesley Manville, Another Year (back-up: Bening, Portman)

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale, The Fighter (back-up: Rush, Rockwell)

Best Supporting Actress: Melissa Leo, The Fighter (back-up: Adams, Weaver)

Breakthrough – Male: James Franco, 127 Hours

Breakthrough – Female: Jennifer Lawrence, Winter’s Bone

My favorite prediction: Javier Bardem.
My most certain to happen prediction: Lawrence for Breakthrough – Female.


Clover said...

I think it's kind of a stretch to call Franco a "breaktrhough actor", but whatever.
Nice predictions, but it's a really hard organization to predict, you could either nail everything or miss in every category. We'll see

joe burns said...

Best Actress I think will go to Portman..

I'm not sure though, Benning could win too. As well as Menville...

But I don't think The King's Speech will win. They usually don't go for films like it, unless it's reeally, really good.

Alex in Movieland said...


they have done stuff like that before. I remember Viola Davis winning Breakthrough for Doubt and she was like in her 40s. To me it's more like a make-up award. But it's true: I had forgotten Milk... :(

yes, they have awarded Bening before. When they are not going well older actresses in lighter roles (Bening, Keaton, Mirren), they are going for cool younger ones (Hathaway, Mulligan)... So it's Manville and Bening on one side and Portman on the other.

I went for The King's Speech based on previous winners Up in the Air and Slumdog. They like film that are entertaining to watch, but have lots of heart (and King IS a crowd pleaser). But any of my runner-ups could make it...

Social Network is too cold for them, True Grit seems too recent, Way Back unseen, Black Swan too unusual, Inception no way...