Saturday, December 25, 2010

while the film has nothing to do with Christmas, the photo itself makes me think of a Snow Queen! :P

Have a Merry Christmas!!! and enjoy all the movies, food, time to waste & backstage family drama. :)

I'm sure Natalie also wishes you best of everything, and even though I didn't fully enjoy the film, her performance is quite fierce!

Thanks for the constant visits, dear reader(s)!

Your fellow blogger,



joe burns said...

Glad you liked Natalie!

Did you like Mila Kunis?

dinasztie said...

OH, I loved Natalie and the movie. Same wishes to you. You can be so strict with movies and actresses.:)

Alex in Movieland said...


I just don't understand the buzz surrounding Mila Kunis!!???!!!

except for some dance training, what is it that she did so special in that film? Having a gorgeous face shouldn't influence on what's good acting. Not that she's bad, but except for giving some sexy looks, she has nothing to do.

Natalie's performance is the only one I fully embraced. ah, yes, and Winona :) but how can you NOT love Winona?! juicy cameo.
even though the execution in her last hospital scene is pretty bad.

The screenplay is the one problem I have with Black Swan. otherwise it's around an 8, though I'm quite sure in spring it will not make my top 10 of the year.

yes, I know I'm becoming more of that :)

Fritz said...

Merry Christmas!

joe burns said...

I felt she was really good, but to me, the role seemed more like a plot device, and it would feel weird to nominate her, since I just don't feel her performance can be separated from the writing.

Alex in Movieland said...

yes, I mean: how many can have Mila Kunis at number one???!!! Number 1??? :)