Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Best Actress 2010

I’m not gonna comment too much on the overall nominations, even though there were many surprises and quite a few disappointments. In the Best Actress category, however, all went smoothly. 3 of the nominees were almost locked in, 1 seemed very likely and then there was the 5th slot – which we knew could go in many ways, but Michelle Williams or Hilary Swank were more likely.

It’s a group of performances that I admire, I have seen all 5 films and I think it’s safe to say each of them is a standout in that respective picture. 4 of the actresses are previous nominees, but only half in this category, and only one winner and, as usual, there’s always a fresh face around. It’s an exciting category to look at. Here we go:

The 5 ladies that Oscar had chosen for 2010, in alphabetical order:

Annette Bening as Nic, in The Kids Are All Right

Nicole Kidman as Becca, in Rabbit Hole

Jennifer Lawrence as Ree, in Winter's Bone

Natalie Portman as Nina Sayers, in Black Swan

Michelle Williams as Cindy, in Blue Valentine


MrJeffery said...

yes, a really strong lineup this year. i am a fan of annette or michelle williams but i don't mind natalie winning.

Deiner said...

Hello! I guess that is hard to predict someone right now, but maybe Natalie will win!
BTW I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

My ranking:
1.Annette Bening(rooting for her so hard here.Not fan of her in general.She was pretty much perfect.)
2.Michelle Williams(Again,raw,perfect and painfully real)
3.Jennifer Lawrence(Distant,cold sometimes stone-faced acting is perfectly fitting into her cold film.And the film is great.)
4.Nicole Kidman(Thank god she wasn't snubbed.Her best)
5.Natalie Portman(Many great scenes,but slightly overrated performance in a less than perfect film.We never know,for example,why she is such a perfectionist and that is a major problem)
ALL of them are great and Natalie's win would've been better than most recent best actress winning performances.

Alex in Movieland said...

I've seen all films (just) once, so I'm curious how the performances will play the second time. i imagine Michelle to seem even better, because i suspect it's the type that just gets better. just a hunch. :)

well, the Oscar is hers. I blame it on the black swan dance :)

i'm not digging into rankings yet, but i expect it to be a close one for me. :)

dinasztie said...

I'm also doing this year before the Oscars. I'm rooting for Natalie now, I have yet to see Lawrence and Williams.

Allen said...

This year is such a great one! Very strong and very diverse. What other years have drama, a comedy, and a psychological thriller?

But anyways, I love both Natalie and Michelle so much. I can't even choose between the two.

joe burns said...

My ranking right now:

1. Nicole

2. Natalie

3. Annete

4. Jennifer

Nicole is fantastic, Natalie is good, but need to rewatch, Benning is good, but something doesn't work about her, and Jennifer was inconsistent..

Malcolm said...

I have only seen Kidman and Lawrence, and both were great.

Really looking forward to your opinions. T'really looks like a strong line-up.

Anonymous said...

pulling for kidman or lawrence. two brilliant performances, two of the best i've seen in years.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Love your website, I appreciate the effort you put into the Best Actress performances.

I gotta say this year, its one of the strongest in a few years! I have seen Annette, Nicole and Natalie and all three were fantastic, I'm checking Michelle's out on monday (have only heard AMAZING things about her) and will catch 'Winter's Bone' sometime on DVD.

I just have to say its terrible that Hailee Steinfeld slipped into supporting, she is the true lead in the film, MAJOR category fraud there!!

Brad M.

Castor said...

I'm hoping Michelle Williams gets it. I was completely blown away by her performance in Blue Valentine.

Robert said...

I'm definitely rooting for Portman but it would be great to see Kidman win even though she obviously has no chance.

I think I should rewatch Blue Valentine - you're probably right about Michelle Williams's performance being one of those ones that gets better over time!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Well of course I'm rooting for Annette because hell - it's me. But it's a strong lineup, rivalling 02, and 06 for me.