Monday, January 17, 2011

Why, Golden Globes, why?!

Just 3 short thoughts on the new state of the race:

1. I would like to apologize to fellow bloggers because when they made their Oscar winners predictions months ago and they had The Social Network up there (even before the crazy began), I told them: no way is that happening! And now, after even the Globes surrendered to Fincher’s work, I myself am jumping on its bandwagon (of predicting, just that). No way will it lose BP at the Oscars… So, guys, your instincts were better than mine and I’m just joining the dance a bit late.
But my point is still valid in a way: will Oscar voters Ernest Borgnine, Sidney Poitier, Lauren Bacall, Dame Judi Dench or anyone over 60 who doesn’t know what Facebook is or just doesn’t care vote for The Social Network or even put it high on the list?!

2. I saw the ceremony live and it was boring and filled with bad speeches. I don’t remember the last time I had so little anticipation for an Oscar ceremony… even the Best Supporting Actress seems quite settled, and I’m not satisfied, as I dislike both Melissa Leo’s and Hailee’s off-screen personas; fake fake fake.

3. The original score for Inception is the best I’ve heard in years. Waiting for a Train and Time are themes that I’ve listed to constantly in the past months and they always tear me to pieces; so moving, so deep, so important, so brilliant in my mind. So I hope Oscar voters don’t just go blindly for anything Social Network, like GG did, and they recognize Hans Zimmer’s deep, meaningful, heartbreaking music creation.

Thoughts on these 3 points?


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on category predictability. I am rather certain who the four acting winners will be, as it has been the same four who has won everything else this year. None of these awards groups are even trying this year.
BTW, am I the only one who REALLY doesn't want Bale to win Best Supporting Actor? This is the only category that I hope The Social Network wins in. Acting takes more than losing some weight and putting on some phony-baloney accent.

Walter L. Hollmann said...

1) I feel like Lauren Bacall would. That lady seems more tuned-in than most, probably judging a movie on its merits. I think she was one of the Brokeback supporters.

2) I personally think that Social Network has the better score; it's ambient and digital, entirely appropriate for a film about Facebook. I do also love the Inception score, and listened to both of them on a loop last night. Overall, though? I want Rabbit Hole to at least get a nom in this category.

MrJeffery said...

I loved 'TSN' but I feel like it's a bit overrated. I wasn't upset with the film winners though.

Allen said...

1) Well, I'd like to think that older actors like Lauren Bacall or Judi Dench take voting seriously enough to watch the movie and judge excellence for themselves as opposed to not voting for it because they don't know what the film subject is about. They're better than that, I'm sure.
2) Really? Melissa Leo's speech was one of my favorites last night. Hers seemed the most natural and most joyful/enthusiastic to me than say, Natalie Portman's or Colin Firth's.
3) I dig Inception's score a lot more than The Social Network's as well. I didn't even remember how TSN's score went.

Alex in Movieland said...

I liked Bale, but I'm starting to join the Andrew Garfield's camp. He might not even get nominated... who knows. he did give the best performance in the film imo. I'll see what Rush does for me, haven't seen King's yet :)

at this point I'm not even sure Nicole will make it. she's definitely not a lock. I think that film would've benefited more from a November release date.

I don't dislike TSN, to me it's like an 8/10. and because it's not much of a good year for now, it's still in my Top 10 today. But months ago I would've never predicted it for BP...

I really liked Melissa's performances in Frozen River and The Fighter and she was ok even in Conviction, which I saw the other night. But I really dislike her fake enthusiasm (even from her interview on The View 2 years ago and her Indie speech back then), I'm just not buying it. Put her next to someone like Jacki Weaver and you can see which one feels more natural, as a person.

Anonymous said...

I don't care for Melissa'a personality.She was amazing in the fighter and deserves an oscar.That has nothing to do with her personality.

Alex in Movieland said...

i know, but the point wasn't her performance :)

Castor said...

They should have given Best Picture to The Tourist or Burlesque. At least, it would have been fun and something to write about... Another reason why I didn't tune in ;)

Runs Like A Gay said...

Two great scores that underline the themes of the their prospective films. Difficult to choose, but I expect the academy will go for Zimmer in the end.