Monday, August 27, 2012

My fellow blogger Andrew has been organizing something special with 1990s performances: he has them fighting eachother for the ultimate title of best of the decade. Click HERE for the blog.

I was invited to write a couple of words about some performances that have reached the second round.

Emily Watson for Breaking the Waves (competing against Frances McDormand for Fargo)

I just couldn't miss showing some love for Emily Watson's brilliant (I mean it & I know what I'm saying: BRILLIANT), Oscar-nominated performance in Breaking the Waves.
Lars von Trier is a controversial fellow, but he knows how to get incredible performances from his actresses, and this one might be the greatest, next to Bjork's Dancer in the Dark.
In a very difficult role to play, Emily shines from her first scenes of pure innocence to the finale of a different kind of innocence: the sacrifice out of love.
It's a performance that wins your heart and then breaks it without looking back, a carefully constructed performance that looks effortless, but announces the debut of a great actress.


joe burns said...

Completely agree! She is AMAZING! STUNNING performance!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

What a debut.

But, really, that entire 1996 lineup was excellent.