Thursday, August 23, 2012

My fellow blogger Andrew has been organizing something special with 1990s performances: he has them fighting eachother for the ultimate title of best of the decade. Click HERE for the blog.

I was invited to write a couple of words about some performances that have reached the second round.

Cate Blanchett for Elizabeth (competing against Brad Pitt for Fight Club)

Who doesn't love a diva, and I don't want anything else from an actress willing to play Elizabeth I. Sure, Cate gets to show the innocent side of Elizabeth, the struggle for what's right, the struggle not to disappoint, the lady becoming a woman and the woman in love discovering betrayal. All this is fun, beautifully played - I correct that: played in a fantastic way that feels natural, with little effort, but always eye-catching.
But I won't pretend like it wasn't the white make-up on her face and the arrogant look she shared with the world that had me thrilled with excitement. It's the transformation from nice lady to bitch that has me giggling with admiration.

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