Monday, August 27, 2012

My fellow blogger Andrew has been organizing something special with 1990s performances: he has them fighting eachother for the ultimate title of best of the decade. Click HERE for the blog.

I was invited to write a couple of words about some performances that have reached the second round.

Dianne Wiest for Bullets Over Broadway (competing against Julianne Moore for Boogie Nights)

When I think of great Oscar wins, I think of Dianne Wiest, both for her 1st and for her 2nd. Can anyone really argue with her stunning performance in Bullets Over Broadway?!
Woody might have had his personal trouble with women, but he wrote comedy for them like no other, and Dianne's performance here, helped by incredible dialogue, is a film-lover's dream.
She is funny like no other, her line readings are historical & hysterical, and it's a timeless performance that gets better with each viewing.
How often do you feel like getting up from your chair and shout: "I'm Helen Sinclair!!" Dunno about you, but to me it happens often enough. :) I DO ELECTRA! I DO LADY MACBETH!


joe burns said...

I'll rewatch her someday, but I didn't like her as much as in Hannah. I felt the role is a bit too one-dimensional, and sometimes I feel like she is imitating Gloria Swanson in Sunset.

But to each his own! And like I said, I'll rewatch someday!

What did you think of Wiest in Hannah? And Jennifer Tilly in the same film?

Alex in Movieland said...

well, yes, it's a less "relatable" performance, but i just love her.

Haven't seen Hannah in quite some time, but i liked her a lot in that one also. not more than in Bullets, though.

Tilly was GREAT too. :) very happy about her nomination.

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

I love HANNAH more but this performance just wows me. And who doesn't feel like doing her monologues indeed? The thing is the entire cast of BULLETS is on fire and yet Dianne so completely has my attention.

Shame she doesn't get more excellent chances. (Worse off, poor Tilly doesn't many chances either.)

Nues20 said...

LOVE her here

MrJeffery said...

i love this performance! so funny. the film is great too.