Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Top 10 for Sight & Sound

With the big buzz in the last couple of weeks (and especially today) being the Sight & Sound 2012 Greatest Films Poll, I've decided to post mine. I haven't done a ranking list like this in more than 5 years now... choosing only 10 was very very very difficult, so I sympathize with those critics that had to choose their favorites.

I don't know if this really is my Top 10, I haven't seen a couple in years, but this is what I would've sent, had I been invited. They are in alphabetical order, not by ranking:

Aliens (James Cameron, 1986)

All About Eve (Joseph L. Mankievicz, 1950)

All About My Mother (Pedro Almodovar, 1999)

Cries and Whispers (Ingmar Bergman, 1972)

Death in Venice (Luchino Visconti, 1971)

The Godfather (Francis Ford Coppola, 1972)

Gone with the Wind (Victor Fleming, 1939)

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Peter Jackson, 2001)

A Man and a Woman (Claude Lelouch, 1966)

Mulholland Drive (David Lynch, 2001)

So here they are. This is how I feel about it today, August 16th, 2012. :)


dinasztie said...

These are great movies all. I'm not sure I could do this as 10 is so few + I'm not sure that my favorites are also the ones I consider the best or how I can judge.

Alex in Movieland said...

well, a lot of great ones were left out... :-/

this list is a combination of what i like and what looks good on paper, that i love. a mixture of favorite & best.

Runs Like A Gay said...

Nice list, not sure I agree with them all but that's the beauty of the listing process.

What made you choose A Man and a Woman - I find it really difficult to get into?